8 thoughts on “BFO1611 – Come Clean

  1. Unique indeed.
    How will I survive without Mr Brewer and his sidekick on your opening every day?

  2. I love that a question about me resulted in fun facts about the true KB of the universe. I never listened to Jaded City.

    Now I can have a great weekend. KB + KB = ❤️

  3. Thank you SO much for the week. And yes, you got me today with the two openings. I was screaming in the car “GREAT!, he missed my actual birthday! – way to fuck it up fatty! … oh, nevermind”.

  4. I was totally happy too that you played two openings because I was going to give Daniel an amazon gift card but he told everyone NO! He wanted to be your opening all week. So I cancelled my order.

    Seriously that went through my head. I mean we still have to hope joe gets a job by the end of the day.

  5. Oh. And too and I wasn’t running a comments contest! Daniel could have qualified for a chance to win.

  6. It’s after five. Starting my workout right after I hit send.





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