9 thoughts on “BFO1794 – Snappy

  1. Why was Annie Lingus upset about his nickname again?

    Haha – haven’t you been to kindergarden? When they give you a nickname it will stick forever, esp if it is vulgah!

    Let’s make a poll here (no one else does it) what was your nickname that stuck?

  2. At my grandparents it was Fatbaby and dammit I’m gonna live up to it. Meh!

    I do have a few people who call me Kath. And when I hear that it makes me smile because
    I know they are comfortable enough with our relationship to call me that.

    I get called Kate at work by one former supervisor. He is funny.

    My grandparents were big on nicknames. We have chubby, granny, wishbone, mushy, rowdy, spider,
    Fatbaby, cabbage, hmmmmm. They aren’t all that nice huh.

  3. How does one find HatM address to send and ornament to? I may have one I made that didn’t work out for my tree but might work for his if he like it

  4. I’m a pimp.
    I will pimp your biz hat.
    Hat didn’t leave his nickname.

    Poodle doesn’t have time for FaceSpace. Too busy making sure SK doesn’t steal the limelight.

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