4 thoughts on “BFO2044 – Rounded Up

  1. I feel like this ought to be read at some point before or on the day of the WOODHAVEN

    A Brief History of Woodhaven

    On my commute home from the city, I make a single word phone call to my husband, Seongman when I approach an exit called Woodhaven which is a few minutes from our place. With that call, he knows where I am so dinner will be ready or he’ll meet me with the car so we can go out to dinner.

    During that hour long commute home I am generally chatting back and forth and back and forth with KATHY BACON and the only way I can formally stop the conversation is to say “WOODHAVEN” …so now you know.


  2. I do think Patrick should do some show art.

    He has mad photoshop skills.

    He can make the sign twinkle with chrima tree lights. lol

    I’m such a PIA.

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