BFO2072 – Welcome 2016

Rabbit, Rabbit! The Fat One licks off the new year with some Chrima Contest Contest calls (including a couple of Ask Big Fatty questions) and opens some Chrima cards. Plus it’s a new year so there’s a new contest! Listen for the details! Happy Hangover!


5 thoughts on “BFO2072 – Welcome 2016

  1. Thank Hydrogen that’s over.


    Tomorrow I will update the list / bring it current if you will and let S draw the winner-winner of the chicken dinner ($).


  2. Ever wonder what’s in One Times Square, where the ball drop happens on
    New Year’s Eve?

    Now, One Times Square is empty. That’s right. Unoccupied except for a Wallgreens
    on the Street level.

    The owner feels they can make more in advertising than leasing space in the building.

    I’d still love an apartment in it, however.

    Wood Haven

  3. Moose really needs to move to New York or Chicago!! He and Pooh can go to the theater and Mooses’ side job could be helping with the sound at the shows.

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