6 thoughts on “BFO2338 – Old Mother Hen

  1. Dear Gussie ~ I just choked on my minty gum juice ~ then sneezed four times ~ and coughed for t
    20 seconds.

    Only thing missing was a fart.

    Speaking of which. I laughed at the end of the show ~ when the light came on and you knew your show title. Mercy. We have to have that contest next year ~ the Name the Show contest.

    Happy New Year fart. May your weekend be filled

  2. The MooseP acceptance speech was the best.

    If that IT job doesn’t pan out I know a P-elect who needs a speech writer.

  3. I need to find these new podcasts. Lots went to the great microphone in the sky this year. Need to find new ones to fill my ear holes.

  4. The contest broke the dam and the beaver is free (: I love the comment section.

    Hello KB. (:

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