5 thoughts on “BFO2341 – Granny is Gone

  1. How could you???!!! I loved Granny so much. Did you know that she was the aunt of Gústaf?
    So sad 🙁

  2. It’s been so long since Auntie posted a new show, she will have to do a full 30 minutes of someone I liked died.

  3. She needs to keep Conscience off the computer. He probably downloaded a virus with all the porn.

  4. Oh, you big fat piece of caaaaake, you. I was all ready to leave notes of condolences for Granny’s passing.

  5. I’m delighted to hear that Princess Hona has purchased some mixers to dilute all that nail polish. It’s just not healthy to drink that stuff neat. Mixers are a vital source of anti-oxidants.

    Poor Granny. Even a nail polish-and-tonic cocktail (with anti-fungal garnish) isn’t going to help now…

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