BFO2820 – Under the Knife

The Fat One is in Hatlanta but pre-recorded today’s LITTLE show prior to leaving the Villa. He catches up on voiceletters (time for you to call in again) and LOTS of Paul Lynde nattering. Happy weekend!


  1. Submarine? Substitute? Subway? Subliminal? Subdivision? Subatomic?

  2. Hi Big Fatty,
    Subsequently, subliminal, sublime.
    Forgetting stuff seems to get worse as we get older.
    I often don’t know why I am in a room.
    Good times!
    With love & a laugh, Francie
    Hug Poodle & Squeeze Squeaky Kitty

  3. Hi Big Fatty,
    Subsequently , it seems to be the word you were fishing for?
    Sincerely, Francie
    Hug Poodle & Squeeze Squeaky Kitty