BFO2877 – Apple Country

The Fat One is back with a final remembrance of Mags before telling you about his day in Fat Acres and playing some month-old voiceletters. Happy National Fettuccine Alfredo Day.

2 thoughts on “BFO2877 – Apple Country

  1. Hi Big Fatty,
    King cake ice cream sounds yummy.

    With love & a laugh, Francie

    Hug Poodle & Squeeze Squeaky Kitty, happy the Squeaker is back!

  2. Weighing my options.

    That big birthday that I won’t be celebrating with LHV on some ship ~ where will I do it?!? Half of me is bells to the wall!! Vegas! And part of me is Sassy Dragons and then I have a brother in law who is pretty fun with a nice bar.


    What to do?? Head to the cities and hang with the kids. The weather is currently crap. Dang rat.

    Anyway. Bye.

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