BFO2914 – Boss Hog

Rabbit, Rabbit! The Fat One is back to start April Fool’s Day with a recap of his weekend which included a gentleman caller, talking from the great beyond and some cooking in the Villa kitchen. Happy National Sourdough Bread Day.

3 thoughts on “BFO2914 – Boss Hog

  1. I love W&G :)))
    Happy April Fool‘s day – you really pulled our leg there with that horrible prank!!! Ending the little show in summer! Ridiculous! I almost believed you and soiled my panties in grief and desperation. Don’t ever say again anything so outrageous again!

    Sending all my love and hogs to Kathy Bacon and her pappa. Momma Beaver fought an aggressive cancer too in 2016. it took over a year of operations and radiation but finally she got through it and so will Pappa Bacon!

  2. We actually made a chicken cordon blech in the crackerpot last week! It had some chicken gazongas, ham steaks, sliced swiss cheese, creme of chicken soup and cornbread stuffing in it. Reeeeeal good.

    On another note, sending good thoughts to the Bacon clan!

  3. Thanks sugar pie plums. xo

    Also fart ~ don’t forget to count the KB Ben on your P48 Balance Sheet.

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