3 thoughts on “BFO3186 – Set Up an Alarm

  1. Minnsota still too cold for shirtless roofer season.
    And most people are bundle up and have masks on. At the grocery stores
    Though it start too warm up saw the first half naked guy doing lawn work.
    To answer your question I’m not wet.

  2. Hi Big Fatty,
    Hope you are well and staying safe at home. I’m at my mom’s in CT with our daughter Shannie. We have been here since March 21st. One week is turning into 4 weeks and counting. Mom has mild dementia, so it has been a bit stressful for us, she forgets each day so it is a blessing for her. This virus is very scary, I go out less and less as the numbers of cases rise. We needed to be with mom or else she’d be totally alone, as no one can come near her. We have masks, gloves, no Lysol. Plenty of toilet paper or music roll as my late dad called it. I enjoy your show so much lately, you brighten up my day. Thank you. xx
    With love and a laugh, Francie
    Waving to Poodle and Squeaky Kitty Happy Safe Distancing !

  3. Oh that picture!!!! Horrifying. But Vera seems to enjoy herself!
    Love and hugs to Frances. All the best for you and your mom. The BFO will continue to make us happy in difficult times

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