BFO3194 – Hexannacht

Happy Cinco de Mahnaise! The Fat One celebrates with information about Pride48, a review of his day in Fat Acres and a card! Enjoy your racist chips and salsa!

CLICK HERE to get information about the face masks mentioned today.

CLICK HERE to check out the neck gaiters.

Put DONATEP48 in the ORDER NOTES and 10% will be donated to Pride48.

2 thoughts on “BFO3194 – Hexannacht

  1. I didn’t realize there was supposed to be a pattern to your intro and outro music.

  2. Should there be any confusion…

    Use coupon code “thefatone’ for 10% off any of the Neck Gaiters and the Reusable Face Mask


    If you would prefer that 10% be donated to PRIDE 48 instead. Then do NOT use the coupon code but instead put donatep48 in the Purchase Notes box during check out.

    Confused? Me too! Drop me a line at

    xx turnip

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