BFO3546 – Favorite Fart

The Fat One helps get everyone over the hump with a recap of his day and a couple of additional Miss Kitty stories. Happy National Bruffcuss Month.

2 thoughts on “BFO3546 – Favorite Fart

  1. On my walk tonight, I listened to 2 BFO episodes featuring Miss Kitty: BFO113 live from Breck’s Motor Lodge and Shampoo Parlor & BFO613 live from Fort Leatherdale. I’m glad you had a friend like Miss Kitty.

    If Olive only knew how many strangers on the Internet were sending him their love…

    Cathy in the San Franceeeeeesco

  2. Aw. Enjoy the coaster fart pants.

    You are a great friend to your friends, that’s for sure and shouldn’t go without being said.

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