One thought on “BFO3637 – Flatware Find!

  1. Bacon Theater with colorful language.

    So. Just name me the #1 fan and move on. Then we can have a game a month.

    I mean ~ did I talk 20 people into calling in and say VOTE BACON? Did I talk numerous people into changing their avatars to the Hatem Squeaky kitty for your exiting day and orange hats ~ did I lure people to leave comments numerous times to award them couch cushion money for their effort!!

    I am also taking credit for being called a different name everyday because I asked you why there were pinkies and lovies and we were nothing’s.

    Did I not come to your secluded hotel room in 2012 and watch you floss and brush and take your fiber and not even say anything about that can of lube on the nightstand!!

    Am I making my point here? What more can I do to demonstrate to you and everyone else I AM THE BIGGEST FAN.

    But really ~ just run the contest and if only a handful of people respond then it will just increase those people’s chances.

    You’re welcome.

    Only love, fart – especially to the haters on the planet cuz they need the most love.


    Oh, also ~ who else has their own bumpahs on other peoples shows!??! I mean really.

    Shout outs to chubs, MooseP aka NooseP, my favorite chicargoes T&T & Buddha! (Who need to laugh more).

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