BFO3636 – Get It In Because It’s Cute

The Fat One has headed downtown but still remembers a few things about his day before he answers another Ask Big Fatty question. Happy National Hot Tea Day!

6 thoughts on “BFO3636 – Get It In Because It’s Cute

  1. I left a voice-mail about this, but I’ll say it briefly her too. Just make BACON #1 fan for 2022 already! END IF DISCUSSION! WHO AGREES WITH ME?

  2. Concerning the stuffed plants…

    There is another podcast that has a stuffed cabbage as its mascot. It’s name is Christmas Cabbage and every week someone calls in or texts about it.

    It’s adorable. Their artwork is often a picture of Christmas Cabbage. So I’d tell Gus to stock some stuffed plants. Think they’d sell.

  3. How dare you bring up that blue cheese
    You know my feelings on that

    As far as the contest goes, let’s just number everyone who enters! It can be like a 5 hour long episode!

  4. YEEEEEEESSSSS! Number one fan contest! It may not make any sense, but it’s tradition!

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