BFO3697 – Something New for Hump Day – Now With Audio

The Fat One has something new for Wednesday LITTLE shows that he debuts today in addition to the regular natterfest and some VULGAH things on the inter tubes. Happy National Deep Dish Pizza Day.

CLICK HERE to see the trailer for the Grin Dr. video mentioned on today’s LITTLE show.

3 thoughts on “BFO3697 – Something New for Hump Day – Now With Audio

  1. Someday during the Gentlemen Caller Report; I hope you’ll give a detailed blow by blow account. Now that would be just lovely and make the Cheerios go down even easier.

  2. Hi Big Fatty,
    I love the Captain Kangaroo music, I grew up with the old version.
    I am an old version. Ha ha.
    Thank you for keeping my spirits up.
    With love and a laugh,
    Hugs and Squeezes for Poodle, Squeaky Kitty and Chicken.

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