BFO1277 – Supper With the Hatlantans

The Fat One recaps the big hootenanny dinner with all the Hatlantans before serving up the 2008 Chrima Spectacular, “Archer the Snowflake.” Happy National Hard Candy Day. He He, I said HARD.



Dear Gussie it’s one week until Chrima and the Fat One kicks the countdown off with the 2007 Chrima Spectacular, Larry the Fat-Ass Reindeer. BUT, before that there are testicle issue which are resolved by the end of the LITTLE show PROVING that this show should have been called “Big Fatty the Dumb-Ass Podcaster.” Poor Big Fatty.


BFO1275 – Family First

The Fat One reads all the Chrima cards he received before he left for Hatlanta but still has time for a coupon and some nattering. Happy National Maple Syrup Day.


Keep those Chrima Cards Coming!

The Fat One may be in Hatlanta from Dec. 19-26 but Larry Klye will be checking the P.O. Box and picking up the cards and giftettes. All the information for sending things is available under TOP OF THE HEAP… click on “Chrima Cards to BF.”

Of course, the Fat One will be checking Spotting Big Fatty and the Baconator on the BFO app to see who’s been naughty and nice. You know what he prefers…..


BFO1274 – I Just Gasped

The Fat One finishes the week with more Chrima cards and voice letters. Plus there was a huge giftette and lots of Exiting celebrations. Happy National Bouillabaisse Day.


(An upgrade to WordPress 3.5 isn’t allowing me to upload images/artwork/photos like I used to. I have found a workaround for now but things may be a little wonky on some days.)

BFO1273 – It’s A Scam

The Fat One has more cards, the nut recipe, a calendar giveaway and much more. Happy National Ice Cream and Violins Day.