BFO2315 – Dingle

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with Chrima cards, comment contest ready, an Ask Big Fatty question and plenty of nattering. Happy Chrima full moon.

CLICK HERE to watch Big Fatty’s favorite Chrima commercial from the Vons East.

8 thoughts on “BFO2315 – Dingle

  1. Heading out tonight to sing Christmas carols as accompaniment for an annual Live Nativity display at a local care home. Delighted to know we’ll be singing under the light of a full moon, so thanks for the heads-up about that.
    Also, a Live Nativity is surely 100% less disturbing than a Dead Nativity display would be. Har!

  2. Que the music … I have a question! When I hear the Christmas Contest jingle, I find myself wondering if it originally was derived from a real piece of music?

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the card 🙂 Nothing in the mail yet from Mexico? Seems like it’s been awhile.

  4. Oh my god my first boyfriend in my whole entire life lived in Fontana California he used to live here and then he moved there with his dad

    Sadly my mother scared him away True story

    It was a devastating break up Because he just quit talking to me and then I went to his basketball game to talk to him and he had big huge hickeys on his neck from the town slut

  5. Here it is, December 13, and I have lost my Chrima cards… I knew this would happen if I bought them ahead of time.

    I just pulled everything out of the hall closet. I discovered 3 large boxes of Swingline staples, a disposable camera, a Holiday Inn ashtray, and a Texas A&M 12th Man hand towel. Where are those fancy Chrima cards?

    I am turning into someone’s Hats, maybe even this Joe B’s mother, Betty, who was able to lose an entire freshly-baked cake. (Poodle would never lose a cake, would she?)

    I’ll keep looking, but don’t be surprised if my card has a Francis Bacon painting on the front. A little grotesque imagery never hurt anyone! Where the heck are those Chrima cards?

  6. I sure hope Cathy Marshall posts after the contest. She’s hilarious.


    You know I stalk your comments Fart.

    That’s why this is my favorite contest.

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