7 thoughts on “BFO2317 – Suzy Derkins

  1. Somebody had best check on Princess Honah–sounds like she’s been drinking nail polish at CVS again! Must be happy hour…

    The good news is that I finally found my Chrima cards.
    The bad news is that I apparently had bad taste back when I bought them.
    I don’t even think I had a coupon.

  2. I haven’t tried your nuts yet Figs. I did buy the ingredients last night though. I sure hope they’re good. Damn pecans were like $8 for the bag!

  3. Sounds like someone is carb loading again. But that’s great savings.

    Enjoy your time off. I’m sure you will start a day shift of gentlemen callers.

  4. Well. That’s just Well that’s just wonderful news you couldn’t have announce that earlier that you were leaving town.

    Will Vader be picking up the gift that will arrive from miss bAcon on the 21dt

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