8 thoughts on “BFO2318 – Goobia

  1. Faarrrk!!!! Not the Varcano mug!!
    Worst part was I knew it was a broken Varcano when you shook it.

  2. I remember the being sued incident. Wow! That was a long time ago

    After returning from a vacation you took in 2008, an airport worker named Cunty McCuntCunt sued you for disparaging comments you made to her. Went on for several days and was really funny.

    Hopes this jogs your memory. It needs exercise too.

  3. Wow Figs I’m so honored! And at the same time I feel bad for almost taking up a whole episode! Sorry to all the listeners

  4. I’m so sorry it arrived broken!
    Brian is coming to Spain, we are going to spend Christmas together and I’ll make sure to take time to send you a voice letter.
    Happy christmas!

  5. My husbands check was $116 more this pay day and he doesn’t know why. Guess I will keep him for
    A few more months.

    Lord knows fitting these kids with college degrees and cars isn’t cheap.

    Brother can you spare a dime.

  6. Hah! It was $183.84 more and it was because of FICA.

    And he will pay in almost $34,000 in taxes this year.

    Holy SHART FART!!!!! Why am I not rolling in dough.

    I mean I am kinda with my chubby belly.

    Lord have mercy. I might faint. I never look at his leave and earnings.

    I paid in $14,000. We better get some back!!

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