BFO2424 – Strong Cheeses

The Fat One closes out April with the Vulgarian National Anthem (sung by Stevie B.), some nattering, opening an unexpected package and much more. Don’t forget that the new Haiku Contest starts on MONDAY – MAY DAY and the live Pride48 State of the Station on SUNDAY, APRIL 30 at 7pm EDT. Happy weekend!

3 thoughts on “BFO2424 – Strong Cheeses

  1. I have a question. (Cue the music!) The information I’ve found online about the Hotdog Down the Hallway weekend isn’t particularly informative. How does that weekend differ from any other time at the Horrah Hotel? Do they provide free condiments? Does everyone eat their hot dogs with relish? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. PS. It must indeed be the radishes of age:
    I too failed to connect Mark’s anniversary of exiting the birth canal
    with that of Midwest Matt (love his little show!).

    So happy belated cake-day to Matt and Mark!
    Who knew that twins would conspire to be born on the same day…

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