One thought on “BFO2436 – Anvils & Dynamite

  1. Big Fatty,
    Maybe it was *you*
    who called my office
    Lo those many years ago
    and asked for Bob.
    I couldn’t tell the difference between the way you said Bob
    and the way you said Barb.
    I gotta get my ears looked at.

    Southern Carb Salad.
    Here’s the recipe:
    Take 1 cup of croutons.
    Add another cup of croutons.
    Toss gently.
    Top with a sprinkling of croutons.
    Bless your heart. Isn’t that enough carbs for you?

    I’ve never heard of Acne Market.
    But I’ve been to Trader Psoriasis.

    I hope Miss Bacon and turnipHed recover from their respective calamities soon.

    That’s all the comments (5)
    I have today. No Haikus. (7)
    I’m all Haiku’d out. (5)

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