BFO3938 – Olive and the Gals

The Fat One returns with a recap of his day in Fat Acres which includes a HUGE coupon report, a party acceptance, lots of nattering and the prospect of answering all of the remaining So-So questions. Happy National Meatball Day.

4 thoughts on “BFO3938 – Olive and the Gals

  1. Regarding Ms Bacon’s question:

    I don’t listen to Bob and Sherry. I don’t listen to radio. Haven’t since streaming services started.

    I want to hear the music without commercials.

  2. Thank you, MooseP! There was a hole in the ledger where Miss Bacon’s so-so question had gone unanswered. I couldn’t sleep.

    I tossed and turned, contemplating the fact that Big Fatty had lived so close to Holly Hill, Florida (in Ormand Beach).

  3. Happy to help. Glad we can put So So questions to bed.

    Hope everyone can now get a good night’s rest.

  4. I really need to come here more often.

    Moose ~ my house insurance is over $2,000. And Bob and Sheri can be heard commercial free in podcast form. I love listening to them when I am burnt out on news, when my celeb podcasters are interviewing people I don’t know, when Level 13 isn’t posted, when P48 shows have all been heard and when I need noise but don’t need to give 100% of my attention.

    Cathy!! Pick me.

    Pretty sure that year I had that stomach infection I had shart stories I will NEVER share. I think I suffered for about 6 months before my endoscopy.

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