BFO1958 – Just the Boney People

The Fat One recaps the weekend but there’s a surprise at the Villa prior to that. Happy National Crème Brûlée Day.


BFO1767 – CSI Faroe Islands

The Fat One natters about the weekend which included a gas report (vulgah), the coupon, a horse race in the future and an update of Squeaky Kitty’s whereabouts. Happy National Sandwich Day.


BFO1766 – Party Planner

The Fat One celebrates Gay Chrima today by opening cards and packages. There is also a Squeaky Kitty update and some nattering. Don’t forget to move your clocks BACK one hour on Saturday night. Happy Weekend!

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BFO1588 – A Moment of Clarity

The Fat One natters about the hats but also visits Spotting Big Fatty and opens some things in the P.O. Box. Plus there is a special phone call. Happy National Clam
Chowder Day.