BFO1518 – Elvis Pregitty

The Fat One natters through the 20 minutes with several big announcements, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, opening some items from the P.O. Box and Opening the 1956 book… plus there’s a joke. Happy humping!


BFO1513 – Run For the Money

The Fat One natters about other LITTLE shows before playing some voice letters and reading about things that happened in 1956. apply humping!


BFO1493 – Old Water Poached Chicken

The Fat One is off to Minneapolis today but took time to record a LITTLE show before going to the aeropuerto. There’s nattering about the trip, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and much more. Happy Humping!


BFO1492 – New Study Reveals….

The Fat One has a LITTLE show chock full of voice letters, nattering and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy National Chicken Cacciatore Day.


BFO1491 – Inside-Out Shirts

The Fat One recaps the weekend and then has a “Try to Remember” segment about 1956. Happy Monday.