BFO3987 – Poodle and Miss Beaver Celebrate

The Fat One starts the LITTLE show a bit different to recognize the importance of the day but then takes everything off the tracks. But, there’s a voiceletter and some LITTLE show updates. Happy National Cherry Cobbler Day.

4 thoughts on “BFO3987 – Poodle and Miss Beaver Celebrate

  1. Happy exiting day Ms Poodle :)))
    Thanks for the bday wishes Moose <3 and BigFatty <3

  2. Thank you all <3

    Happy exiting day, Poodle

    OMG, all these years I thought you say Old Crooked Head and was a bit confused. His head might not be completely symmetrical but crooked? I always found that to be quite harsh – but today for the first time I heard Crooked Hat and it all made so much more sense :)))

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