BFO3983 – Frolicking in the Heather (Now with Audio)

The Fat One is joined by several beachcombers as they recap the day of beach vacation… plus there’s an explanation (sorta) of the testicle difficulties over the last 24 hours. Happy National Eat What You Want Day.

BFO3982 – Testical Difficulty (Repost)

The Fat One isn’t sure this will actually work since the WordPress and the GoDaddy were having testical difficulties. Vader tried to resolve it and Mr. Tim Corrimal offered advice but who knows. As of this posting, it seems that everything works again. Listen and see if it works. If you wish to donate to help Young Nicklas, the Cask App QR code is below the photo. Happy Hump Day.

Some may have received the Tuesday (May 9) show today but reposting with the correct file again.

BFO3980 – Lots of Crowning

The Fat One is at the beach for the week but will be providing LITTLE shows none-the-less. Happy National Coconut Cream Pie Day.

Below is the QR code if you are so inclined and are able to help Young Nicklas. (Nicklas is his middle name in case you were confused.)