BFO2515 – Coming or Going

The Fat One is back in the Villa but has a recap of the weekend in Barcelona (or what he can remember). Happy Monday!

BFO2514 – Reginald and Harmon

The Cruise of a Lifetime is over but the vacation is not. We’re off the ship in Barcelona but recap the happenings on the ship before our arrival. Happy Weekend!

BFO2513 – Three Countries, One Little Show

The Fat One and crew have disembarked in Barcelona but on today’s LITTLE show, they catch up on visiting France, northern Spain and Portugal. Hopefully Spotting Big Fatty is getting lots of photos! And watch @derwood812 ‘s totally original cruise videos on the Twitty.

BFO2512 – Granny on the Dance Floor

Well today we are “picking oranges” in Valencia, Spain, on the Cruise of A Lifetime but on the LITTLE show we talk about our first night onboard and our only day at sea. Happy Humping.

BFO2511 – Upstairs at The Web

The Fat One and crew are in Malaga, Spain, on the cruise of a Lifetime but finish telling about Amsterdam and the Embarkation. P.S. BF screws up the date and episode # during the recording. Poor Big Fatty.

BFO2508 – Very European

The Fat One and the crew recap the departure and flights of the Cruise of a Lifetime. The cruise is actually underway and we are in Bilbao, Spain, which you’ll hear all about in a later LITTLE show. Happy National Potato Month.