BFO1301 – Cue Digger

The Fat One recaps the weekend (or as much as he can remember) with the final installment of Restaurant Week, the coupon and much more. Happy National Blonde Brownie Day.


BFO1300 – 26,000 Minutes

The Fat One celebrates LITTLE show #1,300 with voice letters, a restaurant review and lots of entries into the #1 Fan Contest. Happy Day-Off-from-the-Coalmine Day.


BFO1299 – Congloberation

The Fat One closes out the week with more #1 fan entries, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty (which has BIG news) and another restaurant review. Happy National Popcorn Day on Saturday!


BFO1297 – Backdoor Nudge

The Fat One takes it off the tracks today with nattering about other LITTLE shows, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, #1 Fan entries and a review of the restaurant visited on Monday evening. Happy humping!


BFO1295 – Damn Spicy

The Fat One recaps the weekend to include another report on Restaurant Week. Happy National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day.


BFO1294 – Crazy Talk

The Fat One finishes out the first full week of 2013 with details on the #1 Fan of 2013 Contest, nattering and the return of an old segment. Happy weekend!

Charleston Restaurant Week