BFO165 – Come On You F’ing Goober

Ruined, Ruined, Ruined.  The Fat One guarantees ruination with some voiceletters thrown in to boot.

BFO164 – Scalded Chicken

The Fat One has a story about the Apple Snack store, the LAST “Biloxi Blues” review and some voiceletters for your hump day.

BFO163 – Happy Independence Day Mexicans

The Fat One chats about a lot of crap to include another review for the “Biloxi Blues” and some “Memory Lane” music.  Name a better way for the Mexicans to celebrate Independence Day, I dare you.

BFO162 – Visible Ham

The Fat One recaps the first part of podcast-a-palooza weekend in Charleston and has an extended “Biloxi Blues” update and a review of the show!

BFO161 – Opening Night!

The Fat One takes a little time to play “Memory Lane” music before he gives a preview of Opening Night of “Biloxi blues” and the Thurday preview audience.  He also checks to see if anyone guesses what’s on his Inappropriate Touch!

BFO160 – Titular

The Fat One takes to the switchboard at plays all the voiceltters he has.  Call NOW and be first in the que for the next voiceletter-a-palooza.

BFO159 – A C*cksucker of a show

The Fat One is hoping that this episode works because there’s a throw down on British John, a “Biloxi Blues” update and some Archer-inspired “Memory Lane” music.  P.S. The Fat One CAN retire from the Coal Mine today after working there 28 years.