BFO2006 – What in Gay Hell?

The Fat One FINISHES the Episode 2,000 congratulation calls today. Thank you for callin’!


BFO2005 – Tail End

The Fat one closes out the month with more 2,000th episode voice letters and some scratch-offs. Happy Humping!


BFO2004 – Different World

The Fat One natters a bit about things before opening some cards and playing LOTS of voice letters.
Happy National Coffee Day.


BFO2003 – Algebra Lesson

The Fat One recaps the weekend has several loooooong voice letters. Happy Monday.


BFO2002 – Stay Fresh

The Fat One closes out the week with more 2,000th episode voice letters (there are still 19 to go) before closing out the LITTLE show with a scratch-off and some nattering about Miss Beaver. Happy full moon weekend!


BFO2001 – Replace the Mulch

The Fat One has more voice letters from listeners but also takes time for the coupon, a couple of scratch-offs and general nattering. Happy National Cherries Jubilee Day.


BFO2000 – Bimellennials

On this first day of Fall, the Fat One celebrates episode 2000 with a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and the start of ALOT of congratulatory voice letters. Thanks you for calling’ to all! Happy Humping.