BFO1779 – Turkey Punch

Thanks to Miss Beaver and Str8 Bob, the correct LITTLE show, which starts with the Game Night Gals, has been posted. Download again if you go the Tuesday show again.

The Fat One natters about numerous things before taking several voice letters from Miss Bacon. Click here to help Gus Chad.


BFO1139 – In a Pickle

Miss Kitty is back and she natters with the Fat One about large drinks and lots of food plus mosquito bites. Happy Weekend and don’t forget to look at the photos around noon in the only time zone that natters.

BFO842 – One Hail of a Show!

Dear Gussie!  Poodle McNoodle is under the podcasting table as the Fat One natters about the Easter Bunny, See’s Candies and Poopy Diapers.  Big Hugs to Miss Kitty.