BFO2175 – Stomping’ the Potatoes

It’s Memorial Day but the Fat One has a full LITTLE show recapping the weekend which includes a Gentleman Caller report and news about an upcoming trip on Thursday. Happy Unofficial Start of Summer.


BFO2174 – Always Active

The Fat One closes out the week with a full LITTLE show including a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, a Gentleman Caller report, a quiz program update and nattering about Coalminers Appreciation Day, Pride48 and the June Content Contest sponsored by Gus Chad. Happy Holiday Weekend (USA only).


BFO2173 – Burden of Grief

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show including some nattering about the quiz programs, voice letters, the coupon, a note from Patty Bacon and a listing of the LITTLE shows signed up for the Pride48 weekend in June. Happy National Blueberry Cheesecake Day.


BFO2172 – Hoop Skirt

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show today with a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and plenty of quiz program nattering. Don’t forget that the “Big Fatty, I Arted” content contest starts one week from today. Happy Humping!


BFO2171 – The Bottom Fell Out

The Fat One concludes the recap of the weekend at the HORRAH Hotel before chitta-chat about Str8 Bob and the June Pride48 event. Happy Hamburger Month!


BFO2170 – Hoofed It Over

The Fat One is back in the Villa for a report on the HORRAH weekend… but there’s just too much for one day. Happy Monday!


BFO2169 – Borscht-belt Host

The Fat One is at the HORRAH Hotel but has a full LITTLE show for you today that includes an e-letter from Patty Bacon, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, and some reading of the mailbag. Happy Full Moon weekend.


BFO2168 – Saturday Flap

The Fat One is heading to the HORRAH Hotel later today but has a LITTLE show for you prior to his departure. There’s the coupon and plenty of nattering to fill your ears. Happy National Devil’s Food Cake Day.


BFO2167 – Big Lizard

The Fat One natters about the quiz programs today before another episode of the Vader and NO Bacon Show. Happy Humping.


BFO2166 – Dusk to Dawn

The Fat One celebrates TWO special exitings today before he finishes recapping the HORRAH weekend. Happy National Cherry Cobbler Day