BFO2560 – Drilled My Hole

The Fat One recaps a rather busy weekend as he heads over to the HORRAH Hotal on his way to Hatlanta for Thanksgiving. Happy Monday!

BFO2559 – Poor Santa

The Fat One closes out the week with some nattering and lots of voice letters. Happy Weekend!

BFO2558 – Big Coupon

The Fat One does indeed have a BIG COUPON on the LITTLE show today and then natters about his bills. Happy National Fast Food Day.

BFO2557 – On the Bench

The Fat One is back with some voice letters, an Ask Big Fatty question and some nattering about St. Patrick and the Pied Piper. Happy Humping!

BFO2556 – Unknown Hammers

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show which includes LOTS of nattering and something in the Villa mailbox. Happy National Pickle Day.

BFO2555 – Shameless Promotion

The Fat One is back from the HORRAH Hotel and has a full recap of the weekend. Happy Monday!

BFO2554 – Short Circuit

The Fat One is celebrating Veteran’s Day at the HORRAH Hotel but recorded today’s LITTLE show before heading over. There’ voice letters and some thing you might not have known! Happy weekend.

BFO2553 – Horny Robot

The Fat One is off to the HORRAH Hotel but has a LITTLE show for you filled with nattering, the coupon and voice letters. Happy National Scrapple Day. VULGAH!

BFO2552 – The Good Hat

The Fat One has some follow-up voice letters on Vader’s trip to Montana and the big bulges on the Survivor. Plus there’s some nattering too! Happy humping!

BFO2551 – Camisole Mold

The Fat One has a special LITTLE show today that answers the question, “Where did Vader go on vacation?” Happy National Peanut Butter Month.