BFO2238 – General Inquiries

The Fat One, Granny and Durwood are on their way to the HORRAH Hotel for a long weekend HORRAH event but Big Fatty recorded this before departure. There’s some nattering, the coupon and some interesting voice letters. A new show from the HORRAH Hotel tomorrow and Monday. Happy National Whiskey Sour Day.


Cards and Giftette

Here’s what came into the Villa mailbox this week!


BFO2237 – Your Call is Important…

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with items in the Villa mailbox, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and some general nattering. Look for a picture at Noon today! Happy Humping!


BFO2236 – Turn Up Your Ear Trumpets

The Fat One is catching up with things on today’s LITTLE show which includes a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, some Ask Big Fatty questions, some voice letters, a Blow it Out with Big Fatty and a scratch-off. Happy National Sponge Cake Day!


BFO2235 – BBQ Rubber Chicken

The Fat One recaps a weekend filled with slothness, Big Brother, gentleman callers and more. Happy National Peach Month.


2234 – Dimes

The Fat One has a list that includes the coupon, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, a Gentleman Caller report, the Vader and Bacon Show and more! Happy Weekend!


Gus Chad-A-Palooza

Here are the items Gus Chad sent that I mentioned on today’s LITTLE show. So talented!


BFO2233 – Cattle and Horses

The Fat One catches up on several things from Gus Chad today and also has the coupon and some nattering. Happy National Soft Ice Cream Day.


2016 EOTBC Cards and Giftettes #3

Here are the cards and giftettes that I opened on the Tuesday and Wednesday shows.


BFO2232 – Pronuncitate

The Fat One finishes the Exiting of the Birth Canal voiceletters, cards and giftettes today and still has time for more nattering. Happy humping!