BFO3015 – We Just Puckered

The FatOne is back in the Villa and recaps the final day in New Orleans and the trip home. Happy Humping!

BFO3014 – Bund Over

The Fat One is joined by Derwood and Granny as they recap the final days of the trip to New Orleans. Apologies to Phoenix Dave and Moose. Happy Return to the Villa Day.

BFO3013 – Pride48 Recap

The Fat One starts the week with a recap of Pride48 New Orleans and Granny playing sound effects in the background. Happy Monday!

BFO3012 – New Orleans Recap

The Fat One is joined by Granny, Derwood, Awwwww Chris and Gay Country Wes as they recap the first two days in New Orleans. Don’t forget the Pink Carpet kicks off the festivities later tonight at 7pm EDT. Join the chat room all weekend long.

BFO3011 – The Natterers

It’s the Full Moon and the Fat One is in New Orleans but he’s got something NEW for you today… it’s the debut of The Natterers (and it’s horrifying!)

BFO3010 – Off to Pride48

The Fat One has some last minute reminders for those going to New Orleans plus a recap of his day in Fat Acres and plenty of nattering. Happy Humping!

BFO3009 – Poop Bucket

The Fat One is back with lots of nattering, some Pride48 information and several voiceletters. Happy National Filet Mignon Day.

Cards and Giftettes

Here are the birthday cards and giftettes I opened on today’s LITTLE show. Many thanks for the e-letters and Twitty messages as well. The Fat One is touched… inappropriately.

BFO3008 – Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal Weekend

The Fat One is back with a recap of the weekend including the opening of his cards and giftettes. Happy National Julienne Fries Day.

BFO3007 – Spank Bank

The Fat One closes out the week with an update on his day, several voiceletters and an Ask Big Fatty question. Happy Weekend!