BFO2217 – Work Gloves

The Fat One takes it immediately off the track today as he natters about a lot of nothing before reverting to reading about old people. Poor Big Fatty. Happy Humping!


BFO2216 – Heinous Anus

The Fat One has a natterfest today… basically a trainwreck. Happy National Ice Cream month.


BFO2215 – Fit Me In

The Fat One recaps the weekend with lots quiz program nattering and more. Plus there’s a special request from a Mexican listener. Happy Monday.


BFO2214 – Masked Pooper

The Fat One closes out the week with an episode of the Vader and Bacon Show, an Ask Big Fatty question and a sad story about a fire. Happy Weekend!


BFO2213 – Corsets, Furs and Garter Belts

The Fat One has a natterfest today which include the coupon, sales tax holiday silliness, a caaaaaake that Poodle disapproves of and a billboard to make you giggle. Happy National Junk Food Day.


BFO2212 – Jack Rabbit

The Fat One has a Natterfest today that includes the weather, technology and grass. Happy Humping!


BFO2211 – Hold on for Dear Life!

The Fat One natters about the rest of Dr. Stone’s weekend in Charleston before opening some items in the Villa mailbox. And there’s even more nattering from BF’s list! Happy Full Moon!


BFO2210 – Never Again!

The Fat One and Dr. Stone recap the highlights of the weekend at the HORRAH hotel. Happy National Hot Dog Month!


BFO2209 – Harness Talk

The Fat One and Dr. Stone are at the HORAAH Hotel but pre-recorded a show during which BF takes some voice letters and answers several Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy Weekend.

CHICK HERE to see Kim Beaver’s sheep camera.


BFO2208 – The Elephant in the Room

The Fat One and Dr. Stone natter about things that have happened during his Charleston visit. Happy Macaroni Day!