My Dear Friends

My father, the Orange Hat, is in the hospital and not doing well. I’m in Hatlanta for a while so there won’t be any LITTLE shows until I return to the Villa. I’ll do my best to keep up with the Twitty and e-letters but I can’t promise I’ll respond to everything. It all depends on how things turn out. Feel free to pass this along to anyone. I’ll keep you informed as things develop.

BFO2439 – Leave Me Alone!

The Fat One closes out the weekend with a report on his visit to El Dentisto (which is Mexican for… El Dentisto) before taking several voice letters and recommending a new quiz program. Don’t forget the State of the Station LITTLE show on Sunday night at 7pm EDT. Happy Weekend!

BFO2438 – Southern Carb Salad Recipe

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with lots of nattering about Poodle’s Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal plus there are some Haikus and the weekly coupon. Happy National Cheese Soufflé Day.

BFO2437 – Beavoodles

It’s a special day at the BFO with some celebrations of exiting the birth canal. There’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, voice letters and Pride48 information too! Happy humping.

BFO2436 – Anvils & Dynamite

The Fat One takes it off the tracks today as he natters, reads some Haiku submissions and plays some voice letters. Happy National Hamburger Month!

BFO2435 – The Pitter Patter

The Fat One starts off the middle of May with a weekend recap and lots of belching. Happy Monday!

BFO2434 – Val Chkmercackalacki

The Fat One closes out the week by tying up some loose ends (VULGAH). There’s haikus, an Ask Big Fatty question, a cruise update and much, much more. Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

BFO2433 – Urine Vision

The Fat One has a jam-packed LITTLE show today with some nattering, voiceletters, an update on Pride48 LITTLE shows and the coupon! Happy Eat What You Want Day!

BFO2432 – Under Lock and Key

The Fat One is back with a LITTLE show filled with nattering, Haiku submissions, the upcoming summer quiz program list, an Ask Big Fatty question and more. Happy Flower Moon!

BFO2431 – Boodle

The Fat One has a few more things to tell about the weekend before presenting some very creative Haiku submissions. There was also something in the Villa mailbox and a little talk about Summer quiz programs. Happy National Butterscotch Brownie Day.