BFO2909 – Slept Hard

The Fat One is back in the Villa and has a recap of the end of his visit to Hatlanta and the weekend plus some other nattering. Happy National Pecan Day.

BFO2908 – RE-Sharting

The FRIDAY LITTLE show still wasn’t showing up in the iTunes for some so the Fat One is reposting it again today to see if it works this time. Poor Big Fatty.

BFO2908 – Shart Week Memory Lane – REPOST

*** Not sure why this did not post to iTurds today, here’s another attempt. ***

The Fat One conclude Shart Week with some of his favorite stories from previous years. Happy Weekend!

BFO2907 – Medically-Induced Sharting

The Fat One has LOTS more start stories to share today including one from GRANNY! Thank you for sharting!

BFO2906 – White Shorts Sharting REPOST

The Fat One is back with LOTS of Shart Week calls to share. Get ready to giggle uncontrollably. Happy Humping on a Full Moon on the First Day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere.)

BFO2905 – Korean Steak

Shart Week continues with lots of nattering and several start story voiceletters. Happy National Caramel Day.

BFO2904 – Squishy

It’s finally here — SHART WEEK! The Fat One starts off the week with a couple of short entries along with a recap of his weekend and a surprise package. Happy half-priced St. Fatty’s Day candies…. or not.

Card and Giftette

Here’s the postcard and giftette I received this week in the Villa mailbox!

BFO2903 – Wrong Vowel

The Fat One closes out the week with lots of nattering, some voiceletters and there was something in the Villa mailbox! Don’t forget that SHART WEEK starts on Monday! Happy St. Fatty’s Weekend!

BFO2902 – Ask the Judges

The Fat One is back with some exciting news and some So-So news. Happy National Pi, not caaaaaaaaake, Day!