BFO249 – Overserved Cast

The Fat One has been self-overserved and chitta chats about lurkers plus tries to play some voiceletters.  Hope it is OK.  Happy National Holiday.

BFO248 – Clearing the Air

The Fat One is excited that it is Friday of a long weekend.  There’s talk about listener comments and a clarification or two about the “BFO #1 Listener” contest.  Happy Weekend!

BFO247 – Online Banking

“Sweet Lord!”  That’s exactly what you’ll say after this one is over.  Happy Pay Day!

BFO246 – American Fatty

The Fat One chitta chats about the return of the American Sing-a-long plus has some very interesting voiceletters and “Memory Lane” music.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO245 – Two Beers for the BFO

It’s a voiceletter-palooza today.  Happy Tuesday!

BFO244 – Cook According to Package Directions

Big Fatty starts the week off with news of a new podcast review website, updates from other podcasts and a easy bacon muffin.  DELICIOUS!

BFO243 – Gazing and BBQ

Big Fatty chitta chats with the one and only Miss Wes who has just “had his cabinets sprayed.”  Hmmmmm.  Enjoy the weekend!

Ready for the Cruise

Boy, was Big Fatty surprised to see his photo on the QCast Connection site earlier today.  The Fat One has been getting ready for the upcoming cruise and wanted to surprise everyone with the new look…. FOILED AGAIN!

BFO242 – 1908 Hot Flashes

The Fat One natters about different thing to include reading about 1908 and taking medications PLUS there’s some “Memory Lane” music too!  Happy Thursday.

BFO241 – Donkey Kong Tooth

Off the tracks from the very beginning, the Fat One updates you on his new tooth and so much more… PLUS the new contest is announced.  Happy Hump Day!