BFO3965 – Please Wait to be Seated

The Fat One has returned from the 25th Anniversirarium of the Horrah Hotel weekend and has so much to report that he can’t fit it all in today. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. Happy National Cheese Ball Day.

BFO3964 – Ruined for 8 Years

Before heading to the Metropolis Entertainment Complex, the Fat One celebrated the 8th anniversirarium of living in the Villa and even has time for several voiceletters and plenty of quick trips downtown. Happy National Grits Day.

BFO3962 – Finally, BF Opens the Card

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day which includes opening his Easter card, an update on his homeowners insurance, an Ask Big Fatty question and a reminder to notify BF is you are not currently on the Mark in Calendar. Happy National Grilled Cheese sandwich Day.

BFO3960 – Conway Twitty

Before departing for the home of the proprietors of Carolina Cheese and Provisions, the Fat One took time to pre-record today’s LITTLE show to recap the first half of the weekend. There’s a voiceletter, a couple of Nip stories and LOTS of nattering. Happy National Grilled Cheese Month.

BFO3959 – Easter is Gin & Tonic Day

The Fat One closes out Lurker Week with another delurking before recapping his day in Fat Acres. Then the LITTLE show closes out with a train wreck which announces the “winner” of So-So Question Month. Happy National Beer Day.

BFO3958 – Toothpaste Double Coupon

It’s the Pink Full Moon today and the Fat One has lots to share including a Nip car wash, the coupon and a reminder of one last chance to delurk like Brendan did earlier in the week. Happy International Caramel Popcorn Day.