BFO1643 – Catch A Few Winks

The Fat One natters from his list today. Plus there is an extensive update to the travel plans for the upcoming Gay Days trip to Orlando and Ft. Leatherdale. Happy National Apple Pie Day.


BFO1593 – Spell Check

It’s FAT TUESDAY and the Fat One is celebrating with info about upcoming travel plans, the opening of a package and voice letters. Happy National Peanut Month.


BFO1395 – End of May

The Fat One closes out the month of May Flowers with a Gay Days report from Larry H. Vader, a visit to the Fat Cave and the coupon. Plus there’s important Pride48 info too. Don’t forget State of the Station on Sunday, June 2 at 7pm EDT. Happy weekend.


BFO1136 – Medical Overflow

The Fat One is alone today for the final recap of the Gay Days weekend BUT there’s a special “in the middle of the action” segment that includes Dr. Stone. Happy National Gingerbread Day.

BFO1135 – Louie the Englishman

Dr. Stone is back and we recap the first part of the Gay Days weekend highlights to include the podcasting dinner. More details on the Tuesday LITTLE show. Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day.

BFO1134 – Gay Dazing with Dr. Stone

The Fat One and Live IT Up’s Dr. Stone share their experiences on the day’s events to include a hazardous smell and the probable causes. Thanks to Miss Lauren for the artwork. Happy Weekend!

BFO1131 – Vocal Nun

The Fat One has lots to report today including a trip to Spotting Big Fatty, voiceletters, Ask Big Fatty and more. Happy National Salad Month.

BFO1079 – Magically Delicious

The Fat One dances a jig about the upcoming weekend and about the Gay Days report before “Blowing It Out” when dealing with the Dr. Happy Corned Beef!

BFO612 – The Vomitron

Dear Gussie… The Fat One has a summer cold but is able to update you on more happenings from the Gay Days weekend.  The Wednesday show will be from Ft. Lauderdale for those who don’t pay close attention.