BFO35 – Voiceletterpalooza Part II

Big Fatty is super excited that there are even MORE voice letters plus a blast from the past!  (p.s. Keep the voice letters coming.)

It’s Official

Big Fatty and Larry Klye are headed to Gay Days — June 5-9.  Details for meeting the Fat One will be posted (so that you can create conflicts).

BFO34 – Voiceletterpalooza

Lots of voice letters and some “Memory Lane” music.

BFO33 – Lint, Pork Chops & Stuck on a Toilet

Today’s show is a trainwreck but it might make you giggle like a schoolgirl as you sing the “Memory Lane” music.  

….they’re Magically Delicious?

Paul the Kittenwhisperer sent this to me and I had to just share it with everyone!

I need some voiceletters!

Crank the phone and get Sarah the Operator to put through your call to 206-337-1438.

BFO32 – Blarneycast

It’s St. Patty’s Day and the Fat One is talking about quiz programs, podcasts and a new movie… oh, and there’s “Memory Lane” music too.

Hoisting the Fat One

Here are a few photos of the Fat One being hoisted through the caves in Belize.  Horrifying.  

BFO31 – Monkey Business

Big Fatty hosts a gigglecast with Ricky from Foul Monkeys.

Bye-Bye, Welcome Back

David Hernandez is voted off American Idol…  James is voted OUT of the BB9 House…  America votes to put Alex back in the BB9 House… Houseguests vote to bring James back INTO the BB9 house rather than the unknown previous evictee (Alex).  Whew!