There’s Still Time!

Don’t forget that you’re never too old to sit on Santa’s “lap.”  Do it right and I bet there will be something special in your stocking!  Ho Ho Ho! Thanks to Jaymes in LA for sending the cartoons this week.

BFO229 – A Holiday Classic Returns

Big Fatty starts a week of surprises and the first FULL DAY of Winter with Christmas Cards and a replay of a podcast Holiday Classic.  Go out and be a Secret Santa today… a great time for Random Acts of Kindness.

BFO228 – Card-a-thon

Sweet Mother of God!  Everyone sends the Fat One a Christmas Card and some have “surprises” inside.  I’ll be cleaning “surprises” up for a month.  Happy Friday!

BFO227 – BF is a Giver!

The Fat One drives the train off the natter tracks with chitta-chat about the quiz programs and there are some snicka snacks too.  Happy Thursday.

BFO226 – Mercurochrome

**SORRY THIS IS LATE BUT THERE WAS A WORDPRESS PROBLEM, NOT A BF OR MAC PROBLEM** Big Fatty catches up on all of the voiceletters today and has a special Christmas card to open.  There’s even a moment of silence.  Happy Hump Day.

RUINED…. Again!

I’ve recorded a show for Wednesday but I couldn’t get it to properly post.  I’ll try again in the morning.  Don’t be poopy.

BFO225 – BF Roasts His Nuts

The Fat One starts with a song that is NOT sung by Kim Beaver before he give a special recipe, plays voiceletters and opens a special package.  Happy Tuesday.

BFO224 – Scootin’ Through Cards and Giftettes

The Fat One recaps the weekend before opening all of his Christmas cards and gifts.  PLUS it’s the return of “Memory Lane” music… inspired by some drunks.

Less Than 2 Weeks…

Yikes!  The Fat One will be visiting in less than 2 weeks.  Send Big Fatty a Christmas Card and you’ll get the 2008 personalized, collector’s item card.  Just get em in the mail now! Time’s a waistin’. Big Fatty P.O. Box 30363 Charleston, SC  29417-0363

BFO223 – $86,609

Sweet Mother of God… the 12 Days of Christmas are getting expensive and Big Fatty stumbles through the interwebs to tell you about it.  There’s more “Christmas” cards and FINALLY some voiceletters… but it’s the Full Moon so expect the unexpected.  Happy Friday.