BFO640 – Takin’ After Pappy

Dear Gussie it’s Friday and the train just rolls off the tracks.  There’s a list but there is a special phone call in the middle of the little show and even some time for voiceletters.  Happy Weekend.

BFO639 – Secret Button

The Fat One is loopy today as he natters about the BFO App, bagels and the Baby Jar.  **IMPORTANT** If you live in the UK, please get in touch with BF ASAP about the proposed day trip to London. **IMPORTANT**

BFO638 – Consider The Source

The Fat One natters about a mistake (or two) he made on the Little Show and then tells you about a new cartoon website that you might want to check out.  Don’t forget Big Brother tonight at 8pm in the evening.

BFO637 – Full Rat Coverage

It’s a natterfest.  The Fat One ties up a few loose ends and then plays some voiceletters and has an App recommendation or two for you.  Happy National French Fries Day.

BFO636 – Stick in the Mud

It’s such a natterfest today that the Fat One forgets to FINISH telling a complete story except for the dream he had about Miss Kitty.  Special thanks to Erik in the Seattles for finding the official BFO Gay Christmas costume for 2010.

BFO635 – The Fury of Miss Wes

Dear Gussie there is a list and a half on today’s little show which includes lubrication, hot water, cows and beavers.  It’s enough carnage to last you until Monday morning.  Happy Weekend!

BFO639 – Broasted Chickens

The Fat One natters about birthdays, the coupon and Big Brother.  Enjoy your Thursday.

BFO633 – Double 07

Dear Gussie!  It’s Hump Day and BF makes a mess of it from the start but thank goodness there are voiceletters to save the day.  Happy National Strawberry Sundae Day.

BFO632 – Fancy Shades

The Fat One is having a natterfest today with subjects taht includes pictures, vodka and Easter eggs (plus he gets his ass chewed).  Dear Gussie it’s off the track before it begins.

BFO631 – Puss Face

The Fat One is back at the Coal Mine today despite many in the USA having the day off.  There’s a trainwreck for you to enjoy which includes a recap of the weekend and a VILE belch or three and a special birthday wish.