BFO727 – Armor All Wipes

The Fat One reviews the weekend’s activities after Blowing It Out about a phone call.  There’s also a list of VILE foods people eat at Thanksgiving.

BFO726 – My Vowels Have Locked up

Dear Gussie!  Today’s LITTLE SHOW is filled with BREAKING NEWS and you won’t believe all the changes that are in the works.  A special Happy Birthday to Miss LaLaLaLauren today and to Lurry Warbucks for his celebration of exiting the birth canal yesterday.  Happy National Raisin Bran Cereal Day… VULGAH!

BFO725 – Tongue Sammitch

The Fat One natters it right off the tracks after not being able to think of anything at the beginning of the LITTLE SHOW.  Clearly there’s a coupon and even some “Memory Lane” music.  Happy weekend!

BFO724 – Spam and Part Tarts

The Fat One has a better trainwreck today which includes and unbelieveable story a “What’s On Your Mind, Big Fatty?” segment.  Many thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s FABULOUS artwork.

BFO723 – The Big Swim

Today is a TOTAL trainwreck EXCEPT for the birthday greetings to everyone.  Hopefully things are better on the other side of the hump.  Happy National Vanilla Cupcake Day.

BFO722 – Sleep on Your Right Side

The Fat One is blown away with a surprise today… you may be too!  There’s alot of catch-up today so sit back and enjoy the trainwreck.

BFO721 – Luggage Circular

The Fat one reviews the weekend with Old Coalminers and a “soft serve” story you won’t believe.  Happy National Raisin Bread Day (VILE!).

BFO720 – Kitty on the Twitty

It’s Old Coalminer’s Weekend and things are a hoppin’.  There’s a list of things to natter about on today’s LITTLE SHOW.  Remember to FALL BACK this weekend in the USA.  Thank you for calling!

BFO719 – Zen Champion

The Fat One have a special visitor stop by the Coal Mine today and numerous voiceletters from the listeners of the LITTLE SHOW.  PLUS BF has the idea for a new segment… but YOU have to call in to make it work.  Happy National Candy Day.

BFO717 – Daddy Cracker

The Fat One has a report on the trip to the fair and then pays a visit to the P.O. Box.  Happy Humping!