BFO773 – Chick and Poose

The Fat One finishes telling about the holiday weekend which includes a review of this weekend in 2010.  Plus BF reconnected with some folks on the Skypes and he’s found something to replace the Weather Rat.  Happy National Peking Duck Day.

BFO772 – Beer Bread

The Fat One reviews the first two days of the 3-day weekend of gluttony and sloth.  Plus there is a cruise update and a special recipe for everyone.

BFO771 – California Kink

The Fat One ends the week with a trainwreck that includes some voiceletters, a birthday and a coupon!  Have a great weekend.

BFO770 – It’s A Vanity Thing

The Fat One heads down memory lane with stories about Girl Scout cookies plus there’s nattering about a visit to a Walnut Hills spectacle store and even a scratch-off.  Happy National Peach Melba Day.  VULGAH!

BFO769 – Turkey Mushroom Chili

The Fat One is all over the place today with recipes and nattering and scratch-offs and nattering and  hat reports and nattering…. did I mention nattering?  Happy Humping.

BFO768 – Rat Frenzy

The Fat One has plenty to natter about today but sneaks in an “Ask Big Fatty” question from a listener.  Remember you have until Friday, February 4 to enter the Coupon Contest and the 2011 #1 Fan Contest.

BFO767 – Cash Flow Problems Resolved

The Fat One had no idea what he will talk about but somehow natter for 20 minutes.  Happy National Bittersweet Chocolate Day.

BFO766 – Lucky Coin, Money and a Spider

It’s the first Friday in the new decade and the Fat One natters it right off the tracks from the start.  Plus there’s Breaking News also.  Happy Weekend.

BFO765 – Come On Down with BF

The Fat One natters about lots of things today before heading down into the Fat Cave to chitta chat about some new Quiz Programs.  Happy National Shortbread Day.

BFO764 – Str8 Bob’s Big Announcement

Dear Gussie… the Fat One is all giddy about the big announcement being made on today’s LITTLE SHOW!  Plus it’s a gentleman caller palooza AND some WISHES!