BFO1668 – Age Before Beauty

The Fat One and Dr. Stone have had some cocktails prior to starting the LITTLE show which closes out the Florida vacation. Happy Monday!

BFO1667 – Age Before Beauty

The Fat One and Dr. Stone recap the visit to Ft. Leatherdale before regular shows resume on Tuesday. Happy National Fudge Day.

BFO1666 – VO5 Cream Rinse

It’s Friday the 13th and the Fat One and Dr. Stone finally complete the recap of the Gay Days and the kick-off of the Universal portion which included a visit to Larry Potter. Happy weekend.

BFO1665 – Olaf Filet

There’s more Gay Days nattering between Dr. Stone and BF but they still don’t finish talking about the weekend of festivities. Happy National Peanut Butter Cookie Day.

BFO1664 – Here Comes the Train

Dr. Stone is back and joins the Fat One in talk about the Friday events during Gay Days including an unusual thing that happened during lunch. Happy Humping!

BFO1663 – Famished

The Fat One is back along with Dr. Stone to begin recapping the Gay Days 2014 experience. Today, BF’s overnight in Ft. Leatherdale and Dr. Stone’s arrival in Whorelando plus the Thursday events. Happy National Iced Tea Day.

BFO1662 – Solarcaine

The Fat One, Vera and Arthur complete their chat down at the End of the Bar. Listen for a complete recap of the Gay Days with BF and Dr. Stone starting tomorrow. Happy National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day (VULGAH!)

BFO1661 – Podcast Dinner Night

The Fat One, The Vonz and Amerinz are back at the End of the Bar again today. Listen to them natter and remember to raise a glass of Vodka at 3pm EDT on Saturday in honor of Vodkafest. Happy Weekend.

BFO1660 – Free Ice

The Fat One is traveling from Ft. Leatherdale to Whorelando, picking up Dr. Stone and heading to the House of the Mouse. Since there’s so much going on, we head down to the End of The Bar for a little chat. Happy National Gingerbread Day.

BFO1659 – Broken Their Hearts

The Fat One is packing his grip and will be headed to the aeropuerto today but took time to play a voiceletter-palooza. Happy Humping.