BFO596 – Happy Birthday KB

It’s an all-Beaver celebration today.  If you haven’t had a chance to do so, send Kim Beaver an e-card or e-letter or call the BFO and the Fat One will play more voiceletters for everyone’s favorite Faroe Island fish canner.

BFO595 – Poodle Puddles

It’s Friday! and everyone is happy.  BF is a little womp womp because the intertube problems persist but it will be okey dokey.  Plus he’s got some special home remedies for your weekend consideration.  Don’t forget the LFC tonight at 7pm EDT, the only time zone that natters.

BFO594 – Problems in “My Area”

Yup, that’s right!  Big Fatty has been told there are “problems in his area”…. mercifully it was by AT&T and not the health clinic.  Today’s show includes a trip into the Fat Cave and some general nattering.  MEH!

BFO593 – Posting Problems

Dear Gussie!  The DSL connection at the Fat Cave is DOWN so I had to drive to the Coal Mine so that you would have a Hump Day show to enjoy.  The things Big Fatty does for the listeners… I think a voiceletter may be in order (especially from Larry and Larina the Lurkers!)

BFO592 – Creme Cheese Frosting

The Fat One finishes up the report of the weekend activities and also has time to update you on the Big Run winners AND some old commercials.  A special happy birthday to Steve in the UhK!

BFO591 – Ewe Tube

Dear Gussie the Fat One has outdone himself with today’s, self-proclaimed, cheesiest episode of the BFO.  There’s a recipe, a birthday dinner and “Memory Lane” music that tie it all together.  Happy day after National Dietary Fiber day… which probably means it’s National Huge Dump Day.

BFO590 – Giant Rosette

The Fat One has a list today and includes Twitty requests, UhK stories, Greek food, surprises, gift cards and 19,722 reasons to celebrate.  Have a great weekend and call your Mother (or Big Fatty).

BFO589 – Prancing Horses

Breaking News!  There are not one, but TWO, first-time callers to the BFO today AND two phone calls from Jeremiah.  Big Fatty is so excited that he’s touching himself inappropriately.  Happy Seis de Mayo!

BFO588 – Music to Poop By

Dear Gussie it’s a CLASSIC trainwreck from the start.  The Fat One has a few surprises for you AND a trip into the Fat Cave.  Enjoy your LACIST chips and salsa.

BFO587 – Bass Fitching

There’s an update of the Gay Days trip today and a reminder of a BIG DAY this week (not May 7, May 9).  Plus the Fat One finishes his report of the HORROR weekend.  Happy Tuesday.