BFO1190 – Poke Chop Dinner

The Fat One recaps the weekend which includes a Granny Report and a Gentleman Caller Report but the Big News today is a special Exiting of the Birth Canal. Happy National Lemonade Day.

BFO1189 – Sacrificing a Goat

It’s just four weeks until Pride48 and the Fat One has a few reminders for everyone. Also, if you are going to be IN VEGAS, sign-up for the GROUP ME communicator thingy by clicking here.
Today there are voiceletters and also a trip to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy weekend!

BFO1188 – Senior Discount

The Fat One is “back to normal” with a show filled with nattering, voiceletters and some long census forms PLUS the coupon! Happy National Bratwurst Day.

BFO1187 – Looming Deadlines

The Fat One finishes up with all the Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal cards and giftettes today and even has time for a Pride48 update and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Humping.

BFO1186 – Designated Mexican

There more cards and giftettes arriving but the Fat One has put a dent in the stack today. Plus he tries the caveman cookie and reads the “fill in the blank” card. Don’t forget to wish Str8 Bob a Happy Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal and watch for a photo of today’s cards and giftettes later today.

BFO1185 – 20,454

It looks like it’s going to take all week for the Fat One to open all the cards and packages received before he ever gets to play the voiceletters and visits “Spotting Big Fatty.” Look for a photo of all the things opened on today’s little show later in the day. Don’t forget State of the Station TONIGHT at 8pm in the evening EDT on Pride 48. Happy National Filet Mignon Day.