BFO3351 – Bells and Stars

The Fat One is on his way to Hatlanta but recorded today’s LITTLE show which includes the coupon and a Chrima card. Happy National Lager Day.

BFO3349 – Fire Pit

The Fat One takes it off the tracks early as he’s NOT PREPARED. There’s a recap of his day in Fat Acres, a 2020 Census and another Chrima Card. Happy National Chocolate Brownie Day.

BFO3086 – Space Pumpkin

The Fat One is in Hatlanta but pre-recorded today’s LITTLE show in advance. There voiceletters and a messy Chrima card. Happy National Pastry Day.

BFO2347 – Big Burly Dude

It’s the full moon today so expect some strange things. The Fat One has the coupon, some nattering, an Ask Big Fatty question and several voice letters. Happy National Curried Chicken Day.

BFO1795 – The HUD

The Fat One has an update on the new Fat Cave along with the coupon, Chrima cards and giftettes plus a really long voice letter. Happy National Noodle Ring Day.


BFO1550 – Abbreviated Week

The Ft One closes out the first week of 2014 with LOTS of nattering but still has time for a voice letter and some Chrima cards. Happy weekend.


BFO1509 – Dairy Case Hug

The Fat One natters about lots of things including the coupon, a visit to the P.O. Box and a catch-up of things on his list. Happy Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day.