BFO750 – It’s A Doozie

The Fat One has a list today but finds time to catch-up on all the Chrima cards AND voiceletters.  Happy Weekend to all.  A full blow-by-blow report of Str8 Bob’s visit on Monday’s LITTLE SHOW.

Chrima Cards for Dec. 16

Today’s cards:  (left) Kevin in FL; (center) Miss Kathy Bacon; (right) David in Denver.  Also in the background is the Santa holder containing the Tanqueray 10 from the unknown lovie.

BFO749 – Everything’s in the Card

The Fat One is recovering from the Coal Mine Chrima Party as he begins records the LITTLE SHOW.  There’s nattering, cards, giftettes, a cheesy story and we flip on the hidden microphone in Walnut Hills.

Chrima Cards for Dec. 15

Today’s cards are from:  1 – Trucker Alex and Bob;  2 – Kim Beaver and her spouse (and her 2nd cousin, twice-removed, Michael in Stuttgart;  3 – Groomer Zig.

BFO748 – Tastes Like Sun Tan Lotion

It’s a delicious day with a recipe for the Coal Mine Chrima Party AND a special treat in the packages.  There are crisp $1 bills, the Chrima cards all get opened and all but one package… not bad for the Natterator.  There may be some overserving before tomorrow’s LITTLE SHOW.

Chrima Cards for Dec. 14

Cards on today’s LITTLE SHOW are from:  1 – Fan #2310 (Travis and Charles);  2 – David and Brian;  3 – Brian from Boston;  4 – Nought; and 5 – Brian in Denver

BFO747 – Effervescent Bacon

It’s back to the mailbox for the Fat One and Poodle McNoodle.  BF gets all the cards opened and even a couple of packages.  There’s even some time for nattering.   Happy National Bouillabaisse Day.

Chrima Cards for Dec. 13

Today’s cards are from:  1 – Terminally Single Tim (and the baby’s arm),  2 – Peter G. (to Poodle McNoodle),  3 – KC in Denver,  4 – Eric in the Seattles,  5 – Stevie B. (and Denny),  6 – Jon K.

BFO746 – Wham Bam Callahan

The Fat One had to load up the Ford Explosion with all the cards and packages sent to the Fat Cave plus there’s a quick weekend update and RUINATION at the end of the LITTLE SHOW.  Happy 500th episode to the Sea Hag.  Today’s art work shows Santa delivering congratulations to Walnut Hills.

Chrima Cards – Dec. 10

Today’s cards from:  1-Michael S.,  2-Moose P.,  3-Dennis in the Colorados, 4-Kevin F.