BFO2603 – A Day to Vacuum

The Fat One is back with the coupon, some cards and plenty of nattering. Happy National Meat Month.

BFO2602 – Drunk as a Skunk – REPOST

Yesterday’s LITTLE show was so good I reposted it again today. It’s now been corrected. #PoorBigFatty The Fat One is back with part two of the weekend recap and some voiceletters and nattering. Happy Hot Buttered Rum Day.

BFO2601 – Yankee Grits

The Fat One is back in the Villa and has a recap of all the events of the Leather Weather weekend. Happy International Hot & Spicy Food Day.

BFO2600 – Oh the HORRAH!

The Fat One is still at the HORRAH Hotel and has quite a LITTLE show for you today. Listen in PRIVATE. It’s a hot one. Thank you for calling’.

2017 Chrima Cards and Giftettes #10

Here are the last of the Chrima cards and Giftettes I opened over the last two days.

BFO2599 – Old White Man

The Fat One finishes with the Chrima cards and starts to catch up on voiceletters including a heartbreaking one at the end. Happy weekend!

BFO2598 – Cruel and Unusual

The Fat One and Granny are off to the HORRAH Hotel but BF has a full LITTLE show including Chrima cards, nattering, the coupon a gentleman caller report and more! Happy National Hot Toddy Day.

2017 Chrima Cards and Giftettes #9

Here are the Chrima cards and giftettes that I have opened in the past two days.

BFO2597 – Chrima Newt

The Fat One is back with some nattering, voiceletters and Chrima cards. Happy humping!

BFO2596 – Warm Fingers

The Fat One has a LITTLE show filled with nattering, a voice letter, the first coupon of 2018 and a scratch-off. Happy National Soup Month.