BFO1515 – Gland Foridian

Poor Big Fatty… he’s all confused but shares some Chrima info before visiting Spotting Big Fatty and play some voice letters. Happy Full Moon weekend.


BFO1514 – Slurpin’ the Soup

Poodle is NOT happy today as Big Fatty has hidden the squeaky kitty. There’s lots of nattering about the coupon, egg nog and plenty of voice letters. Happy National Pickle Day.


BFO1513 – Run For the Money

The Fat One natters about other LITTLE shows before playing some voice letters and reading about things that happened in 1956. apply humping!


BFO1512 – 11-12-13

The Fat One has a jam-packed LITTLE show today to include a special report, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, voice letters and more. Happy special calendar day.


BFO1511 – 3.5 Hours

The Fat One BEGINS to tell about the weekend but doesn’t quite finish, Happy National Sundae Day.


BFO1510 – No Swerve

The Fat One has a jam-packed LITTLE show today with nattering about quiz programs, voice letters, a special weekend coupon (troublemaker13) and a visit to Miss Beaver’s Lodge (look for Str8 Bob in the bedroom). Happy Weekend.


BFO1509 – Dairy Case Hug

The Fat One natters about lots of things including the coupon, a visit to the P.O. Box and a catch-up of things on his list. Happy Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day.


BFO1508 – Jump on the Opportunity

The Fat One natters about happenings during the month of November and good deals on giant screen tv machines. Plus there’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and Kim Beaver’s New Lodge. Happy Humping!


BFO1507 – Winner, Winner… Literally a Chicken Dinner

The Fat One natters about Pride 48, Kim Beaver’s Lodge, happenings in 1956 and much, much more. Happy National Doughnut Day.


BFO1506 – Poop Deck Poodle

The Fat One recaps a VERY busy weekend that included a visit from The Hats. But there was time to also open several giftettes. Happy first full day of Standard Time. If the LITTLE show arrives earlier or later, remember the time changed over the weekend.