BFO3581 – Tactical Error

The Fat One has had a cocktail or two prior to recording and natters on about his day in Fat Acres. Happy National Potato Day.

BFO3579 – Big Yellow Tires

The Fat One is back with a recap of an unusual weekend which included crazy dreams and a calamity. Happy start of Gay Chrima Week!

BFO3578 – Measured Diagonally

The Fat One closes out the week with an EXTREMELY LONG recap of his day in Fat Acres and a preview of the weekend’s activities. Happy National Nut Day.

BFO3576 – Tannenbaum Stench

It’s the Full Moon but the Fat One is back with a recap of his day in Fat Acres and an international voiceletter and card. Happy National Brandied Fruit Day.

BFO3574 – Boiled Peanut Gallery

The Fat One is back to recap the weekend which includes LOTS of nattering. Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day.

BFO3569 – Grub in the Hub

The Fat One is back with a review of his weekend, which included a coupon. IT’s mainly just nattering and tangents. Poor Big Fatty. Happy National Sausage Pizza Pie Day.

BFO3566 – Majesty

The Fat One and The Nip are on their way to Fat Acres but have an update on their travels in Arizona and New Mexico… or at least what they remember. Happy National Noodle Day!

BFO3565 – Cotton Candy

The Fat One is back with the first few days of the trip across the country (not spelled C-U-N…) and a few Nip stories. Happy National Apple Betty Day!

BFO3563 – Sweet Cornbread

Rabbit, rabbit! The Fat One catches you up on his California trip with a lunch with the Nip and Dr. Stone in Oceanside and then to visit to Laguna Beach… plus there’s a special song at the end that only gets played twice per year. Happy World Vegetabletarian Day (also National Homemade Cookries Day).

BFO3561 – So Vile It Takes Your Breath Away

The Fat One and Dr. Stone are back and are enjoying a cocktail and some singing as they describe their Sunday in San Diego. Happy National Bakery Day… especially to Mr. Cackle.