BFO3591 – Right On!

Today the Fat One catches you up of the last two days in Fat Acres which includes near-nekid electrical work. Happy National Vanilla Cupcake Day.

BFO3589 – Toasted Sandwiches

The Fat One is back (in Standard Time) to begin recapping his busy weekend which included a visit to the fair, soup and some decorating. Happy National Bread Month.

BFO3588 – Happy Cher Weekend!

The Fat One is celebrating Cher Weekend with a recap of his day in Fat Acres which includes stories about soup, pork chops and a gentleman caller… plus a reminder about Kohl’s Cash. Remember to move your clocks back 1 hour on Saturday night as we return to Standard Time. Happy National Doughnut Day!

BFO263 – We Love a Cracker

The Fat One natters and natters because it is a Soup Night plus Brian from Boston is back.  Happy Thursday!